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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Phew I haven't posted in quite a while... We have had a lot of events happen in the past few months. Most of them, not the best. Which is my main reason for not keeping updated on our blog. I have not been sure whether to share my feelings or share the events that have happened in the past few months. But I think I am working up more courage to write about it... not today though!

A little update, 
Dal is gone ALL of the time!!! I never see him, he started school the end of august and since then, I seem to feel like a widow, and I know that Sarah and Kelly can relate. He goes to school in Richfield 2-3 days a week and stays with his brother Devin and his family while he is there, then comes home and works every thursday through saturday, which is a bummer because I only work 1/2 days on fridays and have saturdays off of work, and whatever time he is at home and not sleeping, he is studying in his office, but I do get to see him most Sundays, which is a blessing! We go to church and hold hands during sacrament and then we usually take a nap after church, along with Pepper, and then he packs up and drives to Richfield on Sunday nights. Dal is doing really good at school and doing really well on all of his tests, he will take his finals on Dec 11th. and then he has 2 1/2 weeks off of school, yay! I went to his work and begged them to schedule him during the week instead of on the weekends for those few weeks so that we could spend some time together on the weekends, cant wait! 
Im trying to plan something fun for us to do, any ideas?!

As for me, I work all week, when I come home after work Pepper is right there to greet me at the door, she gets so excited that she pees a little, haha. Its so cute and makes my day! So Pepper and I usually go for a walk to get the mail, it should only take a few minutes, but it usually takes about an hour because of all of the little kids that we run into along the way. Man, these neighbor kids sure love Pepper! It is to the point that I know exactly what time and what day each child will take a turn to knock on our door to ask if Pepper can come out and play. The kids know that I get off work between 5-6 pm and sure enough they are all waiting by my door when I pull in to the driveway. Pepper doesn't mind playing with them, she just gets really annoyed and tries to run back in the house as soon as she gets the chance.
But my nights are pretty lonely, I have a few tv shows I watch, I catch up on emails, watch chick flicks, and play fetch with Pepper for hours waiting for Dallin's phone call if he is at school or waiting for Dal to get done studying so we can read scriptures and then go to bed.
As sorry and boring as my life is, I feel super bad for Dal, he is always either working or studying. I am really proud of him though, and know that all of this will pay off in the end! So keep trucking right?!

Pepper is 6 months and is so playful and cute. We sure love her! She brings a lot of joy and frustrations to my life. We have to constantly keep the bathroom doors closed, and the toilet paper has to sit on top of the toilet, she loves to unroll the tp and try and eat it. She loves to bark at herself in the mirror and try and attack the image in the mirror. She loves to play fetch and CONSTANTLY wants to play it. She gives really good high fives when she brings the ball back before I throw it again. She is the best cuddler when I take naps or go to bed (which is nice to have someone to share my bed with the first 1/2 of the week when Dal is in Richfield), she always needs attention which results in me never getting to blog or read, etc. Every time I turn up the computer she knows how to turn it off, haha. She is so darn smart. She loves treats and always wants to eat what we are eating instead of her food. She has chewed up all of her toys, so that made for an easy choice of what to get her for Christmas. She loves to scratch and bite me, don't know why, she is so nice to everyone else, and she is nice to me most of the time, she just gets mean sometimes to me and bites me! little stinker! But I sure love her so much and am so grateful that we have her!

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  1. I do know how you feel Han!!! It is not fun, but it will pay off, you are right! I just try to remind myself how grateful I am for the opportunity he has to be doing all this.